Post-Method Pedagogies for English Language Teaching: Emerging Research and Opportunities


Foreign (English) language teacher education has heretofore produced a plethora of theories, methods, procedures, and techniques, most of which are virtually based on a specific philosophical paradigm. In this vein, this book outlines and expatiates the cutting-edge pedagogy named as post-method pedagogy on the grounds of post-modern educational philosophy, the critiques imposed on the ‘method’ concept and the conventional teaching methods, complexity of the ELT profession, and the subjective role of ELT professionals – specifically language teachers. By virtue of the author’s three discretional rationales, the post-modern educational philosophy, theoretical postulations in post-method pedagogy, and the conducted pertinent research, the author orchestrated his own personal and professional ELT small-scale theory under the framework of four continuous teacher development, three post-method parameters, and the personal and professional qualities that ELT professionals might adopt.





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