International Students, MEXT Scholarship, and Japan


In the 21st century, education became one of the most crucial elements in people’s lives. Day-by-day, finding a well-paid job is getting tough process for young people. Notably, higher education plays a highly-critical role in the people’s careers.
Most of developed and developing countries have started international student projects which aim to increase number of international students. Japan also is one of those countries with various projects. Japan provides the MEXT (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship by Japan’s central government.
– Why countries invest on international students?
– Would it be a soft power tool for a host country?
– What do international students think about it?
This book focuses on the perspective of the international students:
– What are the motivations for them for choosing Japan?
– What are their career goals?
– How those goals are being evaluated?
– How do they perceive the Japanese government’s MEXT scholarship project?





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